The Story of Sheeth (AS)

The Story of Sheeth (AS)

The Story of Sheeth (AS)

Last week, we talked about the life and death of Adam (AS), and how after the death of his beloved son Habil, at the hands of Qabil, Allah SWT blessed him with another righteous son, Sheeth AS. Some Islamic scholars say the name Sheeth, or in English Seth actually means gift because he was a gift from Allah to Adam (AS)!

Sheeth (AS) would remind the people of good during the life of Adam (AS), so before Adam (AS) passed away he told Sheeth (AS) that he would be his predecessor, which means he would take over leading the people after his death.

There were certain times in the day that Allah SWT had told Adam AS to worship Him, and Adam AS taught those times to Sheeth AS before he passed away. So Sheeth AS would pray at specific times, even though Salah hadn't been commanded for everyone else!

He was also given some scrolls, and actually, the Qur’an doesn't  mention Sheeth AS by name, but we do know about him through ahadith of the Prophet SAW. There is a weak hadith from the Prophet SAW mentioning that Sheeth AS was sent 50 scrolls, which would make him the first messenger on earth!

Scholars say a messenger is a prophet that was given a new law, or sometimes a book from Allah to convey to their people.

A Prophet is someone who was sent by Allah but was not necessarily given a new law or book, but to remind the people of the message and laws that were sent before.

Adam AS gave Sheeth AS lots of advice about Allah and life. He reminded him to always remember Allah in all his actions and to marry someone pious so that they could raise children who would obey Allah's commands.

This is a reminder that we should always surround ourselves with people who do good, because who we spend most of our time with helps shape who we become. If we have good friends and spouses we will also remain good in sha Allah.

Qabil was having a tough time getting along with everyone else, so he decided to take his wife and children and go away to the flat lands and valleys, while Adam AS and Sheeth AS stayed in the mountains.

After Qabil’s tribe left, Allah SWT told Sheeth AS to not mix with the people of Qabil. Shaytan was still trying to cause problems and lead people astray. He decided to go to the people of Qabil, appearing as someone from Sheeth AS’s tribe asking them for a job. They thought he left Sheeth AS’s tribe and wanted to join theirs so they agreed.

Then, Shaytan started making sounds they had never heard before and bringing the people together.

It was the sound of music. It is said by some that they would put aside Saturday evenings, playing music and partying and would forget  Allah SWT.

This doesn't mean going to a party, or seeing our friends is wrong. The lesson from this story is that we have to be careful of how we act when we go places, and remember to behave appropriately and act in a manner that is pleasing to Allah.

Shaythan then came to the young people from Sheeth AS’s tribe and started putting doubts in their minds on why they weren't allowed to mingle with Qabil’s tribe. They decided to go and see Qabil’s tribe one night, and started secretly watching the parties.

Then, they were spotted! So these youth from Sheeth AS’s tribe joined the party and also stopped being aware of Allah SWT. 

After that party they went back to their own tribe and started telling more and more people about what they considered the advancement of Qabils tribe!

There is a lesson here that not everything that looks fun is appropriate or good for us, but remember my friends when we do something wrong and we immediately realize and ask Allah swt for forgiveness, He forgives us so quick because He is just that merciful!

After that, Sheith AS passed away and although we don't know exactly where he is buried, a lot of scholars say he was buried next to his mother and father, Adam and Hawaa (AS).