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Kalimat Arabic Word Building Game

Kalimat is an Arabic play based educational game. It contains 60 beautifully designed Arabic words on 30 double-sided flash cards and 46 colorful and wooden Arabic alphabet shapes, allowing kids to gain confidence in letter recognition, and to make the connection between objects, words and letters.

The Story of Seven Sleepers (Boardbook)

This beautifully illustrated board book introduces children to the greatest stories from the Quran, complete with valuable lessons. Each story is engagingly presented with vivid illustrations that bring the narratives to life, making them memorable for young readers.

Baby's First Prophet Muhammad Stories

Baby’s First Prophet Muhammad Stories is a wonderful way to introduce your little ones to some of the best loved stories from the life of the Prophet Muhammad.

Arabic Magpads Tracing Board

The Arabic MagPad Tracing Board is a wonderful toy. Each letter has corresponding magnetic beads.


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