Reducing Stress for Children - Stressors of Muslim Children

Reducing Stress for Children - Stressors of Muslim Children

Reducing Stress for Children - Stressors of Muslim Children

Stress is often thought of as an adult issue, but children also experience stress. It can come from several factors ranging from family & friends to a simple change in routine.

Below are some tips on how you can help your Muslim children deal with stress as they get older!


Surprise, Surprise! Communicating openly & frequently is the number one way to reduce anxiety as our children grow up. Put away the phone, ask specific questions & carve out 1 on 1 time with them.


More mental health experts are starting to acknowledge the correlation between higher levels of spirituality & lower level of depressive symptoms.

Remind your growing child that Allah (SWT) promised to listen to us when we ask Him for something. Make dua for them, silently & in front of them. It encourages love and communication.

Help Identify Feelings

Helping our children identify their feelings requires introspection on our parts. We must be able to acknowledge & identify our feelings to help our children name theirs.

Using feeling charts/cards are a great way to help them work through their feelings as they get older.

Teach our Purpose

Feeling a lack of purpose can lead to anxiety & depression.

Remind children of their purpose on earth, and encourage them to build a healthy relationship with Allah. Part of serving Allah is obeying & worshipping Him, which happens after knowing Him.


Organize Activities & Youth Groups.

As children get older & have growing pains to deal with, it is vital we provide them with an outlet to relax. They need a support system that includes us but is not limited to only us. They need to be able to bond with their peers who understand & will help them stay strong through the trials of life.


For more information check out our podcast MyKidsConversations with Dr.Afshana Haque



May Allah SWT make our children from the pious & safeguard them.



Sidra & Anis