The Story of Adam (AS) in Islam

The Story of Adam (AS) in Islam

The Story of Adam (AS) in Islam

Last time, we had left off with Adam and Hawwaa (AS) living in Jannah. They were allowed to roam freely, and do as they pleased except for ONE tree that Allah SWT told them to stay away from. 

Adam and Hawwaa lived in peace, and stayed away from the tree Allah had warned them about. However, Shaytan was waiting to exploit human weakness. 

Adam and Hawwaa knew they were forbidden to eat from the tree, but humans are forgetful and Shaytan is cunning. He exploited Adams' humanity and whispered to him day after day. He told him that the fruit of the tree would make him and Hawwaa immortal or that they would become angels.

Shaytan's persistence made it so Adam (AS) and Hawwaa became consumed with thoughts of the tree. They thought about their own desires and gave in to the whispering of Shaytan and forgot about Allahs warning. They finally ate the fruit of the forbidden tree.

As soon as they ate from the tree Allah SWT called out to them, and He asked them “ Did I not forbid you and warn you about eating from this tree?”

They both realized immediately of the grave mistake they had made, and asked Allah SWT for forgiveness. They repented from their actions by saying, “ Our Lord we have wronged ourselves, and if You do not forgive us and have mercy upon us, we will surely be amongst the losers.” ( Surah Al A’raaf 7:23)


Allah SWT accepted their dua, and forgave them because of their sincerity. 

Then, Adam and Hawwaa both left paradise and descended down to earth. Allah SWT told them that the earth would be their domain, and where they would live and die.

Scholars differ on where they landed, some say that Adam AS landed in Sri Lanka and Hawwaa landed in Jeddah, but they landed on separate parts of the planet on a Friday. They searched for each other, and finally after 40 days of being separated they finally saw each other on top of the hill, Jabl Ar-Rahmah right outside of Makkah. This is the same hill that we go to at hajj on the day of Arafah and where the Prophet SAW gave his farewell sermon!

Once Adam and Hawwaa reunited Allah SWT made Adam AS the first prophet on earth!

Adam AS knew that life on earth would not be easy! He would have to struggle and protect himself and his family from all the different creatures on earth while also safeguarding them from the whispers of shaytan. 


As time passed Adam AS and Hawwaa learned to grow food, protect themselves and raise children that would change and improve the earth. When Adam and Hawwaa would have children each time they would have sets of twins - a boy and a girl, from two of these sets were Qabil and his sister, and Habil and his sister. 


Habil, raised livestock, was intelligent, obedient, handsome and always tried to submit to the will of Allah SWT. His brother, Qabil, who grew crops, on the other hand was selfish and arrogant. 

When the time came for these sons of Adam AS to marry, as per the tradition of those days one set of twins would marry from another set, so they could populate the earth. Habil was to marry Qabil's sister, and Qabil was to marry Habil's sister. 

Qabil was very jealous of his brother Habil and decided he did not want to marry Habil's sister, He ended up disobeying his father, Adam AS and Allah swt.

In Surah Ma’idah Allah tells us that He commanded both Habil and Qabil to offer sacrifices, and whoever offers the best sacrifice would be given Allah's favor. Habil gave his best livestock for the sake of Allah, but Qabil was ungrateful to Allah and gave his worst crops.

Allah SWT accepted Habil's sacrifice which made Qabil very angry, and threatened to hurt his brother. 


Prophet Muhammad SAW told us how Qabil, in a state of anger and hatred, hit his brother over the head and killed him.


This was the first death and the first criminal act committed on earth by man. Because no one had ever died on earth before, Qabil didn't know what to do with his brother's body. That's when Allah SWT sent two crows, fighting each other. One finally ended up killing the other one, and then the living crow dug the ground with its beak and claws and dug a hole, he put the dead body of the crow in the hole and covered it with sand. Seeing this, Qabil realized the dead body should be buried into the ground, and so he buried his brother.


Allah SWT inspired Qabil to do this, and to this day we give respect to all those that pass away by giving them a dignified burial and making dua for them.


Adam AS was devastated, he had lost two sons, one to death and the other to Shaythan. 


At this point, Adam AS was already a prophet and he started advising his children and grandchildren to stay on the path of Allah, and told them about his own experiences with Shaytan. He also told them how Shaytan tempted Qabil to act in anger, proving that he was the enemy of mankind. 


After Habils death, Allah SWT granted Adam AS another son, Sheeth (AS). He was born as a gift to Adam AS, and it is said that he was the most beautiful and honorable of Adam (AS) children.


Years and years passed and Adam AS grew old, and his children spread out across earth. He always continued to pray for his children and take care of the earth. He knew he was getting older and he called Sheeth (AS) to him, and advised him about time, and how to use it and how to worship Allah SWT. He also advised him to hold the foundation of God consciousness,or TAQWA, which means to always remember Allah SWT in all actions. When we remember Allah SWT, it pushes us to do good, make the right decisions, and treat people fairly.


All of mankind are the children of Adam AS. In one narration Prophet Muhammad SAW told us that Allah SWT showed Adam AS his descendants and he saw a beautiful light in Dawud AS and loved him, but noticed he wasn’t going to live long so he asked Allah SWT to give Dawud AS 40 years from his life. Allah SWT granted this request of Adams and sealed it.


Adam AS’ lifespan was supposed to be 1000 years, but at 960 years the angel of death came to him. Adam AS was surprised and said he was still supposed to have another 40 years!

The angel reminded him that he had given 40 years of his life to Dawud AS, but Adam AS denied it. 

Many years later Prophet Muhammad SAW said, Adam denied so the children of Adam deny, Adam forgot and his children forget; Adam made mistakes and his children make mistakes.” (At-Tirmidhi)

Adam AS didn’t lie, he had simply forgotten, so Allah SWT forgave him and Adam AS passed away.

The angels descended and washed the body of Adam AS and then dug a grave and buried the father of mankind. 


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