About Us

Salam everyone! Haque-Hash family here!

Welcome to our website! 

My name is Sidra Hashmani and I co-founded MyKidsHQ with my husband, best friend and and official business partner Anisul Haque.

Anis has long had a passion for teaching and has been involved in the community since he was about 11 years old! ma sha Allah!

At the age of 23 & 24, after college and 1 baby- Anis and I decided to move to Madinah, Saudi Arabia so he could further his studies.

While in Madinah, Alhumdulilah I also had the opportunity to attend school and study Quran, Arabic, tafseer, aqeeqah, fiqh and much more.

We spent the better part of the last decade between Madinah, Saudi Arabia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Houston, TX, studying and hoping to grow as Muslims.

As our family grew we wanted to instill passion & love of Islam in our children, but the lack of quality resources quickly became an issue!

We are so excited for you all to join us in our journey of providing quality Islamic resources to our beautiful community!

We started off with our "Stories of the Prophets for kids" podcast, and then "MyKidsConversations" for parents where we discuss parenting, culture, religion, community and all things Muslims!

And finally we launched this website to help support all our other projects!

We hope for this to be a way to support many more projects we have in mind!

May Allah SWT make it beneficial and successful!

Check us out on social media @MyKidsHQ