The Story of Creation in Islam

The Story of Creation in Islam

The Story of Creation in Islam

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A long, LONG time ago, there was nothing and no one except Allah. 

Allah created 2 things to start with : He created his throne and he created water. He placed His throne above the water ( Al-Tirmidhi). 

 And then He created The Pen to write down everything that was going to happen in the universe. 

The Prophet (PBUH) said in a Hadith (Abu Dawud) that Allah told the pen to write. The pen asked what it should write about. Allah told it to write down the decree of everything that will ever happen until the last hour. In another Hadith, the Prophet (PBUH) also said that Allah ordained the measure of creation 50,000 years before He created the Heavens and the Earth (Sahih Muslim). 

Along with the Pen He created the Preserved Tablet.  This tablet has recorded in it everything that has ever happened, is happening right now and will happen in the future.

Many many years after these creations came to exist Allah then created the heavens and the earth. Allah tells us in the Qur’an that He created the heavens & the earth in just 6 days and that they were joined together in one piece, and then He parted them, creating living things with water. 

Scientists much later have realized that up to 60% of the human body is made up of water. 

Allah also tells us in the Qur’an that He sent down water from the heavens, and water became how life was created and sustained on earth. Allah also talks about the winds and the clouds which were created to help build the earth's ecosystem, by Allah’s will.

In Surah Yunus Allah SWT says He made the sun and moon and made their cycles to help us keep track of time.

Then came the creation of the angels, the jinns and finally humans. 

Allah created the angels from light and they cannot disobey Him, and have specific roles. For example: Did you know we have two angels on our shoulders at all times recording our deeds? The most beloved angel Jibraeel, would come down to the Prophet SAW with wahy, bringing down the words of Allah SWT to him.

And then He created Jinns from smokeless fire, and similar to human there are Muslim and non Muslim Jinns. 


Allah SWT told us in the Qur’an how Iblees, a Jinn, misguided many Muslims and led them astray - but that story is yet to come!


After Allah SWT created Jinns, He finally created humans. 


We all know the first person Allah ever created was Adam (AS). He sent the angels down to Earth and asked them to collect soil and clay from all over the world. The soils were brown, black, white & red. It was soft and moldable but also hard and grainy and it came from everywhere including fertile valleys and dry deserts, from mountains and plains and everything in between. He created Adam (AS) from a diverse collection of soil to represent the diversity that would exist amongst Adam AS’s children. 


After Allah SWT molded Adam AS, He left his soul-less body to dry and it became what is known in the Qur’an as sounding clay. 


Allah SWT honored Adam AS as the first human to be created in many many ways. 

Allah blew Adam’s soul into the empty body after Allah molded the body Himself. And finally, He ordered the angels to bow down to His creation. 

We learn from some of the commentaries of the Qur’an that as Adam AS’s body trembled into life, he sneezed and said Alhumdulilah and Allah SWT responded saying Yarhamuk Allah, just like when we sneeze we say Alhumdulilah, and the person who hears the sneeze should respond Yarhamuk Allah.


Adam AS was then told to say Assalamu Alaikum to a group of angels sitting near him, to which they responded, ‘ and also upon you be Gods, peace, mercy & blessings.’

From that day onwards this became the greeting of all those that believe and submit to Allah SWT.


Allah SWT made Adam AS and his descendants, which are us, caretakers on Earth. He gave Adam AS the ability to identify and know the names of everything, and taught him language, speech and communication. He also put in Adam AS a thirst for knowledge and gave him the ability to make choices, reason and identify objects and their purpose. We also know through a hadith that Adam AS was also very very tall. He was about 40m tall, which is 130 Feet!


After Allah SWT blew Adam's soul into his body and taught Adam the names of everything, Adam AS then showed the angels that he knew all of these names and the angels were so surprised and glorified Allah because the angels knew it was Allah who knows everything and teaches us everything. Allah then commanded the angels to bow down to Adam. Iblees, although he was a jinn, up until that point was ranked amongst the angels from his service and obedience to Allah and was commanded to bow down to Adam AS as well along with the angels.

All the angels bowed down to Adam, but Iblees refused. He felt he was superior to Adam AS because he was made of fire and Adam AS, a human, was made of clay. 

This was the first act of disobedience towards Allah SWT and the first sin committed by any of His creations.


Allah SWT punished Iblees or Shaytan by expelling him out of Jannah. Shaytan, ever so arrogant, accepted this punishment but asked Allah SWT to give him eternal life until the Day of Judgement. He told Allah SWT he would misguide humankind from all directions and convince as many of them to leave the straight path. He would invite them to cause mayhem on earth, commit forbidden acts and influence them to be ungrateful to Allah SWT.


Allah SWT told Shaytan to leave with his followers and that He knew Shaytan would not be able to misguide all those who truly had faith in Allah SWT.


Shaytan was then removed from the ranks of the angels and became Allahs and our biggest enemy.


Before we continue with this story friends, I want to take a minute to remind you all that Shaytan believes in Allah, but he is the enemy of Allah because he disobeyed Him and he was arrogant about it. He refused to ask for forgiveness, but instead made a bad deed worse.


There are going to be many many times in our lives when we are going to be faced with the choice of obeying Allah, or going the way of disobedience and even arrogance. We have to make sure we learn a lesson from Iblees’ mistakes and not fall for his trap.


Many Islamic scholars say that after Allah SWT expelled Iblees, Adam AS fell asleep. Then Allah SWT took Adams left rib and made flesh grow in its place. And then He created Eve, or Hawaa from Adam AS rib. Adam AS then woke up and saw Hawaa AS next to him. 


After that, Adam AS was married to Hawaa and they were both given a place in Jannah to live and roam freely except for one tree….