Instilling the love of Ramadan in kids

Instilling the love of Ramadan in kids

Instilling the love of Ramadan in kids

Can you guys believe how close we are to Ramadan?

This month has a way of bringing the child out in me, and still bringing the same level of excitement I felt 20 some odd years ago!

However, now as a parent, I also have the desire to embed that same love & excitement in my children. I believe as parents in the west we have a

R E S P O N S I B I L I T Y to make religious obligations meaningful for our children.

The question is how to do this if you're not Pinterest savvy, have limited crafting skills, and find the commercialization of Ramadan overwhelming?

A Simple Conversation

Talk to your children about the upcoming month in an age-appropriate manner.

Mention fasting, praying, masjid activities, and other forms of ibadah in a manner that will build up excitement surrounding Ramadan.

Let them imagine a beloved guest visiting & how to prepare for it.


Make an Action Plan

Involve them in prep, whatever that looks like for you! It can be starting ibadah goals, food prep, décor, or compiling a task list before Ramadan starts.

However you choose to prepare, remember it is the feelings associated that our children will carry & associate with Ramadan.

Pick a Habit

Remind them that the doors of paradise are open this month & shaytan is locked up which makes it a great time to pick a habit to build & focus on together with your kids.

ex: praying one salah a day in jamaa3, or doing 15-20 mins of family Qur'an time.


Involve them in prepping suhoor & ifthar

Encouraging children to help with ifthar is a great way for them to feel involved in this month and get them excited about the idea of fasting! For this to happen you might need to keep ifthar fairly simple while they're still young, but it'll be well worth it in sha Allah!


Encourage Charity & Volunteering

Teaching kids about sadaqah is one of the best ways of teaching generosity at an early age. Ramadan is the perfect time for this since our deeds carry so much more reward, and we should be mindful about we're spending it.

Decision Making

Involve your children in the decision-making process, even if you think they're too young. Present them with options such as a half-day or practice fast, rather than saying no.

This will give them pride in their actions & foster a love for this month.

Plan Ramadan Goals

Encourage kids to set Ramadan goals, and engage with them on why it matters.

Think up fun prizes & rewards for achieving these goals that get them excited for the next Ramadan.


May Allah swt allow us to make the most of this upcoming month & accept from us all.

Allahum Ballighna Ramadan

Sidra & Anis