Owl & Cat Go To Hajj

Type: Books

Owl & Cat are going on hajj, and taking you with them!

This fun day-by-day guide gives little hajji’s, future pilgrims, and curious learners, a head start, answering all their questions by taking them step-by-step on this once in a lifetime journey to Mecca.

Who is this book for?

-A step by step guide for children going on hajj with family.
-Children missing their relatives who are away at hajj. They can follow what they'll be doing each day that they are away on hajj.
-Little hajji's and future hajji's who are anxious about the trip.
-Kids learning about hajj and about the pillars of Islam.
-Islamic schools and classrooms learning about other cultures and religions.
-Libraries and Islamic School Libraries.
-Mosque libraries to keep little ones engaged and learning their deen.
-Makes the perfect Eid gift for Eid al-Adha.

From the best-selling Owl & Cat Muslim picture book series by Emma Apple.

Owl & Cat are perfect for multicultural homes, classrooms, and libraries (they promise they won’t drop fur or feathers).

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