Journal & Planner Ramadan for Kids


This RAMADAN PLANNER has been specially designed to not miss the blessed moments of the month of Ramadan and enjoy the month more consciously.

It is your tool to organize optimally the days of Ramadan.

This agenda will also help you set concrete goals, challenge and get the best out of yourself, to follow and intensify your worship.

In this RAMADAN PLANNER, you will find:

♦ a Quran reading program for 30 days
♦ your goals for the month
♦ important supplications (duas)
♦ personal supplications (duas)
♦ 30 double pages to organize your days (logbook for specific activities)
♦ a page for the preparation of Eid
♦ After-Ramadan goals

Get the Ramadan Planner to organize optimally the days of Ramadan.