Al Aqsa - Islamic Building Blocks Set Dome Of The Rock



Introducing the "Dome of the Rock" The World's First educational Islamic building block set by Muslim Blocks®, a unique creation that lets you experience the heart of Al-Quds (Jerusalem). This set reflects the essence of one of Islam's most iconic landmarks, including the profound story of Isra and Mi'raj and the significance of the holy rock. 

Islamic Historical Accuracy 

Our set captures the Dome's renowned golden finish and the intricacies of its western entrance. It allows you to relive moments from the Isra and Mi'raj, recognizing features of the real Dome of the Rock.

Top-Quality Materials

Crafted with precision, our building blocks ensure durability and true-to-life color representation, providing a realistic representation of this revered site.

Beyond Building - An Islamic Educational Journey

Building the "Dome of the Rock" set is more than constructing a model; it's an opportunity to reconnect with Islamic heritage and delve into the significance of this sacred site.

A Testament to Faith

Upon completion, this model stands as a tribute to Islamic history, serving as an educational piece that fosters discussions about our faith's richness.

For Enthusiasts and Historians

Essential for those passionate about Islamic history and architecture, this set is a testament to the artistry of Islamic architectural wonders.

Moments of Togetherness

The process of building the "Dome of the Rock" set promotes family bonding and appreciation for shared Islamic history.

Piece Count: 520 Blocks

Recommended Age: 4+

Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 12 Cm