The Story of Idrees (AS)

The Story of Idrees (AS)

The Story of Idrees (AS)

Assalmu Aliukum! 

Welcome to another episode of Stories of the Prophets for kids by MyKidsHQ!

Today we will be going over the story of Idrees (AS).

Idrees AS in English is known as Enoch. He was born within the first 5 generations of humanity and within the lifetime of Adam (AS). 

We don't know exactly when Idrees AS was born,  because well, no one was really around to write this stuff down for us. We know most of this stuff through legends and stories and what we take from the Qur’an and sunnah as well as from Christian & Jewish sources. Ibn Ishaq says Idrees (AS) lived with Adam (AS) for 300 years!

Idrees AS lived in Babylon. He was tall and handsome with a full beard, but had a very calm manner of speaking. When he would walk he would lower his gaze and ponder about Allah SWT and His creations. He would advise people to do good and follow the commands of Allah SWT.

Some historians mention that Idrees AS was the first one who started writing with a pen. Allah SWT sent him scriptures, and he was the first person to write them down!

He always kept Allah SWT in his thoughts no matter what he was doing. Allah SWT honored him by mentioning him in the Qur’an, telling us that he was patient and a man of truth. 

This is something I want us all to think about. Allah SWT praised Idrees AS because of his patience showing us how much Allah SWT loves those that are patient. 

Sometimes, we really want something and we’re not getting it, whether it’s a trip we want to take, maybe to play with our friends, or anything else during this pandemic, let’s try to remember Prophet Idrees AS anytime we start to feel impatient.

So, Idrees AS tried to teach his people in Babylon right from wrong and to always remember Allah SWT in all their actions. Very few people listened to him but he never gave up.

Idrees AS was so amazing and so pious that Allah SWT told him that he would get rewarded every time someone does a good deed.

When Allah SWT told Idrees AS this, Idrees AS told one of his friends, who was an angel. 

At this time Idrees AS was old, and he knew was near the time of death. He asked his angel friend if he could ask the angel of death to delay his death so he could guide more people to do good, and that way get more reward.

The angel agreed and told him to get on his wing and they would ask the angel of death.

Idrees AS went up to the first heaven, and then the second and then the third. Then when they got to the 4th level of heaven they saw the angel of death. Idrees AS asked the angel if his death could be delayed so he would have more time to do good and guide people, the angel of death said that death is ordained by Allah and that he was told to take Idrees AS soul in the 4th heaven. He didnt know how Idrees AS would get all the way to the 4th heaven but Allah SWT made it happen!

Idrees AS agreed, and you know what?

The Prophet Muhammad SAW met Prophet Idrees AS in the 4th heaven during his Isra wal miraaj journey!

JazakumAllahu Khairan for being here for the beautiful story of Idrees AS. Join us next week for the next episode!

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