Our goals!

Our goals!

Our goals!

Assalamu Aliukum!

JazakumAllahu Khairan for being here!

I wanted to talk about our goals a bit so you know exactly what you're supporting while you're looking through the website!

Our oldest son, Ibrahim, has spent the majority of his life in Muslim countries and when we moved back to the west, we realized the challenges of parenting here were very different then the ones we had faced in the East.

As our family continued to grow and we looked for resources - and Alhumdulilah there are some amazing ones out there  - we noticed so much work still needed to be done.

With our backgrounds in Madinah, and Anis' passion and experience in education we decided to start MyKidsHQ - a headquarters for all things kids!

Our goal is to provide parents in the west quality Islamic resources from toys, books and games to podcasts, worksheets & videos, to help raise our children to love their beautiful religion.We hope to work with Islamic schools who are already working towards this goal & provide them with resources to help them succeed.

Anis and I have selected products from some of our favorite companies to bring to yall as well as come up with a few products of our own!

Have browsing yall!

May Allah swt make it benefecial!

Sidra & Anis