Benefits of studying the Live of the Prophets

Benefits of studying the Live of the Prophets

Benefits of studying the Live of the Prophets

Assalamu-Aliukum guys!

JazakumAllahu Khairan for being here!

We love the stories of the prophets and the seerah, but ever thought about the benefits of studying this topic?

Learning the stories of the prophets gives us and our children real role models to look up to, but it is also an amazing way to remember how the world changed & developed. Where mankind was and where it is now, and who made it all possible.

Growing up I was a total history nut! and now I see it in my oldest son, Ibrahim. Ill be honest...I love indulging this obsession of his and not just because I can relate to it!

I truly believe Allah preserved parts of history because these are lessons are important for us to learn. Afterall, those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it! If we can look back at our lives and learn so many lessons, how about the lives of the best mankind chosen by Allah to convey His words?

Some benefits are:

Helps Form Identity

As our children form their identity, its important we give them strong role models that help form their faith & include values that are a part of it. This will help shape their thoughts, characters and perspectives as they get older.

Learn & Caution

Stories of the Prophets were revealed and preserved by Allah to be examples and to learn from. They serve as warnings as well as sources of comfort. It is a beautiful way to teach our children the importance of faith in all aspects and during tests & trials of life.

Exhibit Morality & Spirituality

The Stories of the Prophets are an excellent way to show our children how morality and spirituality can help people and nations succeed or fail. It helps them see the numerous times Allah SWT sent prophets and messengers to remind us to stay on the straight path.

Witness the Laws of Allah (SWT)

Going over the Stories of the Prophets is a natural way of incorporating Islamic law for children. They witness Allahs laws in application & action and witness their benefits in ways they'll remember. 

I hope this helps and encourages us all to dive a bit deeper into this topic with our children.

Check out our Stories of the Prophets for kids podcast in sha Allah!

JazakumAllahu Khairan!

Sidra & Anis

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