SUNNAH & SCIENCE : What Modern Research Tells Us About Prophetic Traditions

Type: Books

Find out how Sunnah and Science are connected in this fulfilled book. This book has facts from Quran and Sahib Hadith that have been blended with fun/scientific facts and information. This book serves as a catalyst for meaningful conversations between parents and children. The familial support and encouragement children receive are invaluable. Hence, discussion of these topics with our kids is highly recommended.

This book covers 24 diverse topics, which are briefly categorized under nature, healing, body and soul. Examples include Rain, swimming, horse riding, skin care, sneezing, yawning, mental health, dental health (miswak), using honey, black seed and more. Discussing and reading through these topics will not only empower them with knowledge but help them connect how modern day science connects with traditions from our prophet (pbuh).